CCST has improved the quality of life of many individuals and their families. If you have a testimonial you'd like to share, please contact us! Below are some testimonials from patients and their families:




Speech and Eating Therapy

Wow, where do I begin. Tracy came to us when Michael was roughly a year old, and he turns 7 next week. So 6 years Tracy has worked with us, and has became family. She took a baby with no words to a 1st grader that doesn't stop talking. She was there when he wouldn't eat by mouth and taught us valuable, life long lessons, on how to encourage him to eat. She treated him like her son and loved him through attitude. She got to know us and showed us how to service our son at home. Tracy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for guiding a scared mama and showing her that everything would be ok. Thank you for loving Michael and for being so amazing!! We love you and will miss you!!
Cherokee, mother, 2016


Preschool -- 2014-2015

We moved our son to MAGIC preschool a year and a half ago and have been extremely happy with this decision. We are beyond impressed with his progress verbally, socially, developmentally and behaviorally since attending. The teacher Patti and teachers assistant Alicia are amazing! They are both very knowledgable, compassionate and patient with the kids. The activities of the days are varied to keep the kids both challenged and engaged. The ratios are low leaving the teachers with time to focus on all of the kids individually at some point throughout the day. With frequent classroom pictures, updates, and conferences throughout the year, we are never left wondering what is going on during his time at school. The kids are a perfect blend of personalities and abilities enabling them to both learn from and teach one another. My son absolutely loves going to school and excitedly reminds me in the morning that it's a school day while rushing to get dressed and eat his breakfast! We feel lucky to have found such a perfect fit for my son and would recommend Capitol City's MAGIC preschool to anyone looking for a safe, fun, and educational place for their preschooler!
Alex, mother


Speech Therapy

My son absolutely adores our therapist. She is very encouraging and friendly.  My son was seeing a different therapist prior to Capitol City Speech Therapy and he would just sit there with a blank look on his face and not participate in anything. Our therapist really got him to open up and his speech has improved tremendously.
parent, 2013

  Capitol City Speech Therapy’s strengths are their confidence and experience in the field.  They were able to identify with my child and engage with her well.  The therapist always gets right to work when she arrives and does not waste a minute!  She always sticks to the time frame of the session so we are always able to end on time as well.
parent, 2013
  Our therapist is  great and an excellent advocate for my child’s needs in the daycare setting.
parent, 2013
  A patient's mother wrote about CCST and idea's the therapist had to assist their child in drinking through a straw. View Blog.

Summer Campers

Jerimiah had so much fun. He loved the arts and crafts. Felt so important with his NASA pin and he made me pin on him evertime it fell off. He got excited to be able to tell me and his dad what planet we live on: Earth. Jerimiah sometimes has a tough time pronouncing words but after this month it feels like he is talking better and more confident. Even trys to play "teach" and has me repeat words as a call and response. We tried to make every lesson, but were traveling from Fayetteville because we really wanted to be a part of this camp. Glad we signed up. Thank you to all those that worked with my son and made this summer awesome. My astronaut says hello with a smile.
Nicole, mother

Wesley LOVED camp!   I have repaired his jet pack numerous times and he makes sure to show everyone his astronaut picture.   He blasts off around the house and has asked several times when he gets to go back.  He also asks if things are bigger or smaller and uses lots of words correctly that y'all went over.
Kaleigh, mother

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your camp. Jacob had a great time and I was very impressed with all that went into it. Thank you again for getting us involved! Please thank all his teachers for us too! Thank you again!
Caitlin, mother

My son is 2 years old and was diagnosed with verbal apraxia a few months ago. I signed him up for the speech summer camp not knowing if this is really going to help him but it couldn’t hurt. I am amazed at the difference in his speech. In 3 weeks he saying more words (not completely correct) “cuse me” “I want more” “sorry (arry)” “see ya” “thank you (dank you)” etc. which is amazing to hear! I now know what his cute little voice sounds like. He is now imitating me and others which is huge because before he was embarrassed to try new words. The icing on the cake was that he was excited to go to camp unlike daycare where he cries when I leave him. I am so grateful for the therapist at Capitol Speech Therapy because I never thought my son would show such an improvement in his speech!
Kelli, mother

I would like to thank Capitol City Speech and your wonderful staff for another great summer camp!  This was the first year my daughter was able to attend and she absolutely loved it!  My son attended two years and I knew that when my daughter was old enough despite not having a "speech problem," I wanted her to attend Capitol City's summer camp.  All of the camp teachers have a genuine concern for each child and really go out of their way by coming
up with fun and creative methods to teach the theme.  Due to ratio, I love the attention that she was able to get from staff while still getting the social interaction with peers.  I was so impressed with the crafts that were themed to camp.  I also loved how Carly came home telling me all the fun things she did, even pointing out a video on YouTube of a song she learned in camp.  We had fun learning the song too!   Camp has been out now for a week or two now and she is still asking when she is going back.  We look forward to camp next year!
Stacy, mother

Though summer camp ended and school has begun, Vincent's experience at summer camp continues to be one that lives on in our house! Vincent had such a positive experience and thoroughly enjoyed his time at CCST.

The themes, activities, and crafts were evidence of the time and dedication put into this summer camp program. Though there was fun and entertainment, there was also speech and educational elements throughout each session. Fun while learning cannot be beat! This camp was exactly what Vincent needed during the summer break from school. It allowed him to continue his speech therapy in a fun environment. He still sings the songs and talks about the friends he made while he was at CCST! 

We have been involved with Capital City Speech for over a year while Vincent participated in the developmental group with Michelle and Quinn. We can't thank you enough for the quality of programs you provide the children.

Thanks to all of you at Capital City Speech for the work you do and the lives you impact!!
Maria, mother

I cannot say enough good things about the Summer Camp program at Capitol City Speech Therapy.

I enrolled my son, Mason, after much internal debate given that he is non-verbal and autistic. He struggles with socialization as well as sensory issues, so I knew that camp might be a challenge for him. Mason mostly communicates by using sign language. My primary goal for his camp experience was to expose him to other children and possibly increase vocalization. What I got was so much more.

Mason’s use of signs has doubled since camp, his behavior at home has improved and his sensitivity to noise has lessened. He is more willing to try new signs and surprisingly his vocalizations have also increased as well. Speech Camp for Mason was a total success!

All of the staff at Capitol City Speech Therapy went above and beyond to try to work with my child on his level and keep me updated with his successes and challenges every day throughout the program. The staff clearly loves these children and they are dedicated to making each child feel special and valued. Heather, Mother


Speech Therapy

Our experience with Capitol City Speech has been a good one.  Before speech therapy, I found myself interpreting for my four year old son, Walker.  Our therapist found ways to keep my son engaged and learning, and now he is able to speak clearly. 
Michelle, mother



Our Capitol City Speech Therapist was not only someone who helped our son Bryson learn to talk but she became a friend as well. Our son spent 5 months with her prior to us moving out of town. In those 5 months, Bryson went from signing 5 words and saying very little, to talking up a storm. Our therapist discovered new ways to keep his attention and he responded very well to her creativity. In the begining he would interact with just his toys, but after a while that was not keeping his attention. It also became apparent that he was frustrated because he understood why she was coming to our house. Our therapist then found craft type projects which helped to lower the frustration level and still allowed the learning to continue. Our therapist helped our son learn to talk, increased his vocabulary, started using sentences and helped me understand how to help him talk better. I am gratedful that we found CCST and wish I could have brought her with us. Our son still continues speech but we have not connected with another therapist like we did with her.
Tracy G., mother

Developmental Therapy

Our developmental therapist, is great at what she does. As, being a Early Childhood Educator, I was very pleased to see someone else with as much passion for the children as I have. She is very attentive to each child's own individual needs. She offers a great service, ideas and advice pertaining to the children whom she serve. She is very professional and committed to the children.
Yakesha from Bountiful Blessings Child Development Home

  How wonderful to share my experience working with a CCST Developmental Therapist (DT) at my in-home child care facility.  My 5 Star program cares for infants to age 3 years, and 4 year olds with "extenuating circumstances.".  This particular group had more than one child needing services and the sensory issues were multi-layered.  I placed a call to the DT, the phone interview was excellent and from that moment the DT exceeded my expectations, as well as those of my parents.  The education I received from my DT brought the children forward with skills, confidence and respect for self, others and their environment.  The right therapist, as ours with CCST, also believes each child has the right to be and that philosophy resonates with the program that I have developed over these many years as an early childhood professional.  In several cases the DT has followed the children in my care to their preschools as a resource person.  Her knowledge, insight and honesty was freely shared and my input was valued.  Families were always treated with the utmost respect.  The DT came to my home over a 4 to 5 year period, initially 2 to 3 times a week and I tried to soak up every challenge "my teacher" brought before me, which sometimes is not so easy to accomplish. Developmental Therapist… mentor… friend… someone I cherish the privilege of learning from…
Mary from Mary's Child Care


Speech Therapy

Our son Jake first started seeing our CCST therapist in the Spring of 2010 when he was almost 2.  At that time, he said only a few animal sounds and had approximately 20 signs he used to communicate with us. We received a tentative diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech and were really not sure how long it would take to get Jake speaking intelligibly.  Now, less than a year later, he is speaking in six-word sentences and has tested above his age for both expressive and receptive language!  We are so grateful to Capitol City Speech for getting our little boy to this point.  Our therapist has been great to work with. She is very accommodating of our schedule - working with him at both our house and at his daycare.  She tries new techniques until she finds the ones that works for that specific child, and she is superb at teaching parents so that they have the skills to continue "therapy" in between her visits.  My son lights up when I tell him our therapist is coming that day.  He has no idea he's in therapy; he just thinks he has a fun friend who comes to play.  We highly recommend Capitol City Speech Therapy!
Kristin, mother



My son Joshua has been a client of a Capitol City Speech Therapist for the past two years. During the course of these two years we have grown to respect and love her exceedingly.  She has very good bedside manners and is very knowledgeable.  I have been very particular about the therapist who worked with Joshua. I would watch them extremely close to make sure that he was getting topnotch care. Our therapist constantly provided him with first-rate care on a consistent basis.

In this field, there are therapists who rise above the norm, and our therapist is in this category.  We can always count on her to be kind, understanding, and willing to meet Joshua’s needs at any cost.  Her ambition is to do her best to help Joshua to maximize his potential. Our therapist has worked with our son in the home.  She is able to blend well with our family. I know that sometimes this can be difficult, but she has become part of our family.

Capitol City Speech Therapy is a vibrant, informative, and professional practice.  It is very helpful in the type of services offered and type of people they serve.  The service that Capitol City Speech Therapy provides our five-year-old son, Joshua, has been priceless!  Having a developmentally challenged child is very difficult to cope with at times due to the overwhelming obstacles we face on a daily basis.  However, having a resource like Capitol City Speech Therapy and our therapist not only gives us the hope and motivation to move forward, but it also empowers us to become better parents to a kid with special needs.  Over the five years of dealing with our son's disabilities, we have learned that having an experienced therapist is good, but having an experienced therapist who really cares is best. Our therapist really cares, and that is why we have kept her as Joshua's Speech therapist.  We thank you Capitol City Speech Therapy for your dedication and commitment to our precious gift, Joshua.
Jocelyn, mother


Matthew and Reed

CCST has been working with my twin boys for almost two years now. My boys went from saying "gully, gully, gully" and not being able to stack blocks to two little men that enjoy their life because now they can keep up with the other kids and communicate. The ability to communicate and grow developmentally is a blessing. My boys were very frustrated when they had minimal communication to express their needs, thoughts, and wants. CCST has significantly improved their quality of life. Before beginning with CCST, I was not sure how the needs of each twin could successfully be met. I was concerned that, like some folks, they would be seen as a unit, not as individuals. CCST got to know the boys individually and clearly structured the time for each child's individual needs. Clearly, their top priority was the needs of my children. My children and myself are profoundly thankful for the time, knowledge, patience, thoughtfulness, and caring that my twin boys have received from CCST. Shannon, mother


Our daughter lives in the silent world of autism.  She had no way of expressing herself or letting us know what she wanted except to cry. She also was not able to chew. We started getting therapy for Sydney with Capitol City Speech for speech and eating and within months she was more vocal, whereas before she did not even babble.  Our therapist is wonderful and has tried several different techniques until she found the right one for our daughter to communicate with us.  She can now say a handful of words, can let us know if she wants her juice, wants to eat or wants her favorite toy and gives us hugs and kisses.  We are so grateful to Capitol City Speech and our therapist, who cares very deeply for Sydney and Sydney adores her as well.  We continue to see progress every week with her eating as well.  We were able to graduate her from baby foods to pureed adult food and she has also  started to self feed, which she was unable to do before.  She can take a french fry and bite it in half and has recently put it in the back of her molars and chewed!!  What a day that was for us when we saw our two year old daughter chewing for the first time.  Thank you Capitol City Speech, for working so hard and giving our beautiful daughter, Sydney, a chance to learn and grow.
Tammy, mother


Our daughter had great success going through early intervention therapy services offered by Capitol City Speech Therapy. She went from a non-verbal toddler that only used only sign language to communicate to a speaking 5 - 6 word sentences in a 9 month period. The speech therapist and developmental therapist worked great as a team and complimented each other through their services in our home. The speech therapist would set goals and objectives for our daughter’s speech at the beginning of the week and the developmental therapist would follow up during her developmental therapy session working on the same objectives. In addition, the therapists instructed my husband and I teaching methods to improve speech and language skills with our daughter. The team approach of having a speech therapist, developmental therapist and the family all working on the same objectives worked extremely well for our daughter. I would strongly recommend Capitol City Speech Therapy for early intervention services. Mia, mother

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Having a therapist from CCST has created a wonderful addition to James’ therapy schedule. In the time that CCST has worked with him, he has learned to chew his food, drink from a straw and do some sign language. CCST also deals well with my three year old daughter, who can be distracting. Thank you CCST for all that you do!! Mindy, mother

Photo by C.F. Ward for The Cary News

In July of 2005 I received a cochlear implant at Duke University Medical Center. I had been deaf and unable to hear conversation level sounds for over 60 years. I had survived entirely by reading lips, with a lot of help and support from family and friends.

After a year of aural rehabilitation by my husband and I using various materials and techniques, my audiologist suggested that I contact Capital City Speech Therapy for an evaluation and possible therapy. Since I was having to "learn" how to hear much the same as a toddler learns, it was felt that Tracy's experience with young children who had cochlear implants might be beneficial for me.

My husband and I attended about thirty sessions with Tracy during the last half of 2006 and the first couple of months in 2007. Tracy's understanding of what I was going through and her techniques for learning how to hear not only helped with my hearing, but it also helped me to improve my speech. We are very grateful to Tracy for her help. Betty Johnson of Cary, North Carolina

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"Before Patrick began working with CCST, he could only say three words. We thought he would never talk like other children his age. After a year of speech therapy, he now has a vocabulary of over three hundred words and sentences. His self-confidence has also improved. I cannot begin to imagine where we would be now without CCST's help. "
Susan, mother


"When Brianna first went to CCST, she had "no" vocabulary. Now she can carry on a conversation. I tell "everybody" that even though it is CCST's job, the therapist acts like it is really personal and really cares. The therapist sets goals and has never acted like there is any doubt about reaching them. The therapist is very special to our family."
Barbara, mother


"Mollie has been going to different therapist for three years. It was when we started seeing CCST when Mollie really opened up and showed me another part of her world.

CCST is more than a speech therapist, she's is a family friend. I trust her judgements and advice.

Our therapist has become Mollie's backbone and is someone Mollie trusts and loves very much."
Libbie, mother


"When we first met our therapist 3 years ago, little did we know that not only would we find a very special speech therapist for our daughter, but our family found a very special friend for life."
Jessica W., mother


"At the age of 12 months, Ben was still on the bottle. He was not taking baby food or solid foods. However after receiving therapy from CCST 3 times a week, he is consuming solid foods and is off the bottle. Ben's speech is also delayed. So CCST has taught him sign language so he can communicate until he starts talking."
Jessica S., mother

Sabra & Maelie-Vonne

"We receive great response from the one on one therapy and parent sessions, and the guided directions from our auditory verbal therapist. Our girls vocabulary and sound awareness has increased tremendously along with many more elements involved in producing spoken words. Just recently both girls have sung their first song ever!"
Della, mother

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