Terms of Employment*:

1. Hours of operation:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00-5:30 8:00-5:30 8:00-5:30 8:00-5:30 8:00-12:00

*full time exempt (salaried) employees may have a flex schedule or leave earlier if the guidelines are met


2. The employer shall reimburse payment for the following items for Employee during employment as they come due:

a. North Carolina State License
b. Mileage reimbursement monthly
c. Continuing education expenses (for full time employees) up to $500.00 per year during 1st and 2nd year of employment, $750 per year during 3rd and 4th year of employment and $1,000 per year during 5th year and over employment upon pre-approval.
d. Any other expenses MUST be pre-approved by the owner.

3. The Employer shall provide and pay for a cell phone for the traveling therapists. The phone should only be used for business purposes. Personal phone calls should be limited.
4. During employment, the Employer shall provide professional liability and general liability coverage for Employee as well as Worker’s Compensation insurance.

5. The Employer will provide and pay for 16 Paid Time Off, (PTO), per year which will be determined and based on an accrual rate (approximately 6 hours will be accrued per pay period).

a. PTO is to be used for all holiday/sick/personal and/or vacation times. The Employee should provide the supervisor at least 2 weeks in advance if possible of the time requested off and gain the supervisors approval.
b. The employee may carry over 20 days (4 weeks) of PTO per year. Once this amount exceeds 20 days, at the end of a calendar year, the Employer will pay the Employee for the PDO days in excess of the 20 allowable days.
c. Following 5 years of service (based on anniversary date), the Employer will provide an additional 5 days of PTO (Total PTO of 21 days/4 weeks).
d. Following 10 years of service, the Employer will provide an additional 5 days of PTO (Total PTO of 26 days/5 weeks)


6. The Employer will provide in addition to paid days off (paid vacation days)

a. days between Christmas and New Years.
b. 2 days for Thanksgiving.
c. Memorial day
d. July 4th
e. Labor day
f. Christmas Eve

During this time the CCST will be closed. Actual days of closing will be determined each calendar year.

7. The Employer will grant full time employees a paid leave of absence not to exceed 3 consecutive work days for bereavement of immediate family members (Employee’s: grandparents, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, husband’s: parents, siblings, children or grandchildren).
8. The Employer will offer the employee the opportunity to participate in the SIMPLE IRA tax deferred savings plan.

9. Leave of Absence

a. A request for leave of absence should be submitted in writing to the Employer as much in advance as possible.


10. Bonus Plans. Full time exempt employees are eligible for discount programs.


11. HIPPA Compliance

a. All Employees will complete HIPPA Compliance training. The training should be completed within the first 90 days of employment. The employer will provide a self guided question and answer test.



For full time employees: includes medical, eye and dental.

*Please see official documentation from CCST. Information subject to change.

Main Office: 141 N. Main Street Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526.
Raleigh Location: 1520 Glenwood Ave #201 Raleigh NC 27608