Feeding Group Specializing in Picky Eaters and Problem Feeders

S.O.S. Approach (Sequential, Oral, Sensory)

Capitol City Speech Therapy is offering a cutting edge feeding group. This group will be using the S.O.S approach  (Sequential, Oral, Sensory) to feeding developed by Kay Toomey Ph.D. This electrifying group will be offered in twelve week intervals. This feeding group promotes and encourages your child to amplify their comfort level with food by presenting foods in a fun and non-stressful play-based environment. This program will be run by our remarkable Behavioral Educational Resource. We will provide support to expand your child's current feeding/eating skills.

Is this child a candidate? Yes—if any of the following are present:

  • Ongoing poor weight gain (rate re: percentiles falling) or weight loss
  • Ongoing choking, gagging or coughing during meals
  • Ongoing problems with vomiting
  • More than one incident of nasal reflux
  • History of traumatic choking incident
  • History of eating & breathing coordination problems, with ongoing respiratory issues
  • Inability to transition to baby food purees by 10 months of age
  • Inability to accept any table food solids by 12 months of age
  • Inability to transition from breast/bottle to a cup by 16 months of age
  • Has not weaned off baby foods by 16 months of age
  • Aversion or avoidance of all foods in specific texture or food group
  • Food range of less than 20 foods, especially if foods are being dropped over time with no new foods replacing those lost
  • An infant who cries and/or arches at most meals
  • Family is fighting about food and feeding (i.e. meals are battles)
  • Parent repeatedly reports that the child is difficult for everyone to feed

Children's Goals:

  • To increase Food repertoire.
  • Teach how to have a positive experience trying new foods.
  • To reduce resistance to touching, tasting and eventually swallowing food.
  • Increase the amount of food eaten.

Parent's Goals:

  • Understand how they and others can help encourage the child’s new eating habit.
  • To understand and use positive reinforcement and negative.
  • Understand the ways children learn to eat and how not to eat.
  • To create a program for them to use at home.

Cost:  Insurance will be billed but if not covered by your insurance, the cost is $300 for 12 week segment.

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This program only has openings for only 4 children!

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