About CCST:

Children and adults have speech, language and swallowing difficulties for a variety of reasons. Some have had an accident, injury, or were born with a condition that resulted in difficulty speaking, listening, understanding, eating, or swallowing. Others have difficulty in these areas for an unknown reason.

One of the most important factors in helping a person overcome these difficulties is early and accurate diagnosis of the problem, and a team approach to treatment that included the client, the family and the therapist. Learn about our therapists and staff.


When a person comes to CCST for help, a thorough evaluation is completed to identify a person's strengths and weaknesses. Once the condition is determined, an individualized treatment plan is developed with input from the client, family members and therapist. Treatment for children is provided during fun and interesting activities such as crafts, music and play. Children are encouraged to become creative and imaginative during their speech and language treatment. Adults are treated in a quiet and confidential manner.

Family members and friends are strongly encouraged to participate in treatment sessions. By teaching the client, family members, care givers and friends how to facilitate a client's goals in daily activities, progress occurs more rapidly and the process is highly rewarding to all those involved.

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